Quality of light burnt magnesia

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1. magnesite

The magnesia content of raw magnesite ore mined in our factory is over 46%. The advanced crushing equipment is used to crush the raw ore into uniform blocks of large and small into the reflecting cellar, which reduces the overburning rate and Underburning rate of the product and ensures that the magnesia content of the processed product is above 85%. The magnesite is separated from the ore containing other impurities through manual screening, thus enhancing the safety of the product. Completeness and stability.

2. fuel

Selecting high-quality coal and signing long-term purchase and sale contracts with state-owned coal producers ensures the quality of fuel and stabilizes the price of fuel.


Magnesite calcined at 750-1100 temperature is called "light burning". Its product is called light burning magnesia powder, referred to as light burning powder. Light-burning powder mainly produces cementitious materials, thermal insulation and sound insulation building materials, but also can be used as ceramic raw materials.

As magnesite is generally reduced by about 50%, the content of MgO in ores can be almost doubled by light burning. In this sense, light burning is the most effective means of MgO enrichment. In addition, light burning is also a preparatory operation for magnesite thermal separation and some gravity separation. Light burning magnesia has high activity and is an ideal raw material for producing high bulk density magnesite.

Light burnt magnesium mainly produces cementitious materials, such as magnesia cement, insulation and sound insulation building materials, as well as ceramic raw materials. After chemical treatment of light burnt magnesium, it can be made into a variety of magnesium salts, which can be used as raw materials for medicine, rubber, man-made fibers, papermaking, etc. Reburnt magnesium. Most of the refractories used for metallurgy are used to make magnesia bricks, chrome magnesia bricks, magnesia, metallurgical powder and fused magnesia powder. Special alloy steel, lining of medium and high frequency induction furnace for nonferrous metals and precious metals, magnesium crucible. It can also be used as high temperature electrical insulation material. The source of light burning powder is calcined magnesite.






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